TV Commercials for Dunces!

August 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

There are several TV commercials that really get my goat. I find that I tend to talk back to the TV screen when they are on. One of the worst is for Pillsbury Toaster Strudles. Two kids are eating breakfast, and one claims that Toaster Strudles are better because they are warm, and right out of the toaster. This kids demonstrates the difference between the warm Toaster Strudle and a Kellog Pop Tart by handing the younger kid a still frozen Pop Tart.


The camera zooms in as the still frozen Pop Tart is snapped in two. The obvious inference is that the Toaster Strudle is warm, soft, and yummy, while the Pop Tart is cold brittle and, I guess, not as yummy. Even kids in the real world should know the difference between cooked and uncooked.


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